There's something about Iris Theatre's shows which always ends up pushing my photoshop skills to the limit. Last year it was a spider in a bottle in front of 15th century London, and this year it was a little metal man surveying Covent Garden. The challenge was that, although the show will involve a lot of puppetry, the Pinocchio puppet itself hadn't been designed or built, so I was starting on the character design from scratch. I ended up rooting around my house, finding and photographing interestingly shaped metal objects, trawling the internet for photos of bronze sculptures, and photoshopping them all together. The really tricky part was giving the effect that the light was coming from one direction, when I was joining together lots of different photos taken in different lights. Getting the angles right was tricky too - especially the perspective on the nose! I'm rather pleased with how it all turned out in the end.