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Fabric is a hard-hitting one-woman show about some pretty horrendous experiences had by a girl who works in a tailor's shop. I wanted to avoid creating a poster that was in any way self-pitying – the story is ultimately about a strong woman who has survived, so I didn't the poster to be depressing. I photographed Nancy in a variety of outfits – we settled on this pose beause I wanted her to look confident, and I didn't want her in a position that was stereotypically feminine. Then I sewed together some blank pieces of paper and popped the photos on top, giving them impression of photos sewed together. The rough stitching gives the idea of scarring without being too literal. I also tried a version where Nancy was literally unravelling, and holding the loose thread. I had fun staining various pieces of fabric and sewing them together - I've totally forgotten how to use my sewing machine, so the messiness of the stitching just came naturally!

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