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SIX is a really fantastic new musical about Henry VIII's six wives. It's a bit like Hamilton, crossed with the Spice Girls - it's very cheeky, very girl-power, and almost more like a pop concert than a musical. The first idea I had was to tear off the head from an image of a woman - as a sort of tongue-in-cheek beheading. I also toyed with the idea of shooting the various actresses looking as different as possible to the images you usually see of Henry VIII's wives (unfortunately we didn't have time for a photoshoot in the end!). For the typography, I wanted a very clean, modern feel, but with a hint of the past - I ended using a very sharp looking condensed serif font. The final poster (bottom right), has the feeling of a festival/gig line-up with the surnames of the wives listed above the title, and the rich purple colour gives it a bit of a royal feel whilst also being feminine without being too soft or girly.

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