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Tumulus is a fantastic play based on a true story of the serial killer who infiltrated the chemsex scene a couple of years ago and drugged and murdered several young men. For the poster, I wanted to get across the idea of a sinister presence within an unsuspecting community. I liked the idea that you could be looking across a room in a party where everyone is chatting and having a good time, then catch the eye of this man who just doesn't feel quite right, but nobody else seems to have noticed. Working with fantastic photographer Darren Bell, we decided to photograph each of the men separately, using coloured gel lighting to achieve a slightly trippy party feel, then piece the scene together in photoshop. In the play, the drugs are injected into bottles of lucozade, so we went for orangey-yellowy lighting, with a harsh blue coming in from the side as a contrast. I'm pleased with how the depth of field has worked here, as your eye is drawn through the crowd towards the stranger in the room.

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