Intermediate Origami

February 28, 2015

I still get excited by the idea of, in the words of my 5-year-old self, 'mekkin things'.  So when Iris theatre agreed that a paper crown was the way forward for their new musical H.R.Haitch, I eagerly scoured pinterest for instructions to make one.  I found one which I liked on an origami site – this particular site gives you a handy indication of difficulty by categorising projects as 'easy', 'intermediate' and 'expert'.  This one was intermediate so I thought 'how hard can it be?'

IT WAS ONE OF THE HARDEST I'VE EVER DONE. Seriously - origami is so much harder than it looks.  I think it was worth it though. 

Bring on the expert level. Paper Eiffel Tower anyone?

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