The Collector

June 19, 2016



The Collector is about a man who collects butterflies, and eventually decides to kidnap a girl to complete his collection.  A butterfly collection is such a beautiful and striking image, so I knew we had to use that in the poster. I wanted to steer away from anything that looked too creepy or sexual, as that's not really what the story is like, so instead I wanted to focus on the beauty of the collection, and everything looking very even, neat and tidy. It's set in the 1960s, so I wanted the poster to have a slightly faded photograph feel to it, which is why  the blacks in these visuals look slightly brown/purple.  I liked the idea of using punched lettering as you'd have on specimen jars for the title treatment, as I think it gives the impression of someone who is very careful and maybe pedantic with their collection.

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