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KAON 2016

KAON 2016 is a particle physics conference in Birmingham, and designing the poster was quite a challenge because, unlike some other particles I've played with in the past, the kaon particle doesn't have an awful lot going for it. So far as I understand, the kaon, or 'strange' particle, is so called because it, strangely, doesn't do very much. The shapes produced by detectors are much simpler and less exciting than I've seen for other particles, which made it tricky to think of imagery to use for the poster. The kaon particle is represented by the symbol K, so I started with that, and another important task for the poster was to get people excited about visiting Birmingham (Birmingham University is actually really pretty - I went there to take some photos last year!). My visuals combine the buildings of Birmingham University with the K symbol, with some flying kaon decays just for fun.

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