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Darknet is set in a tecchie dystopia where sharing your private information has become the main currency. It follows a few different characters, including a hacker. It's not a naturalistic play, and I was encouraged to come up with designs which were non-literal. My first idea was to show the hacker falling into darkness, showing how he loses control of his hacking activities and finds himself in the big bad scary world of the dark net. I replaced his head with a computer screen to hint at the idea of loss of identity which is a key theme in the play. My second idea shows the massive effect of the clicking of a button - once you've shared something online it's out there and it's hard to take it back. The third idea shows a person sharing their identity across different platforms. The chosen image was number one; the idea of falling into the unknown is a nice visual metaphor for a hacker who gets in too deep.


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