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2 for 1

Merely Theatre are a lovely group of people. They tour round the country with slick, pared-back Shakespeare plays with very little in the way of set or costume, but some fab actors who change parts each night (sometimes Juliet is a man, sometimes she's a woman – it's different each night). For their next season they are touring a tragedy and a comedy – Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night (though, of course, Romeo and Juliet has lots of funny bits, and Twelfth Night has lots of sad bits). The practical challenge here was that some venues are showing both plays, and some venues are only showing one, so I needed a poster that could sell the two as a double bill, as well as posters that could sell each show separately. I decided I'd photograph the 'actors', wearing their own clothes, rather than the 'characters' – I wanted them to look neutral and open, rather than telling us anything about their characters, as they'll be playing different people each night. I then treated the photos in two different ways – one is warm and one is cold. I used the cold image for Romeo and Juliet, but with the warm red behind the title, and the warm image for Twelfth Night with the cold blue behind the title, to show the mix of comedy and tragedy in both. The joint poster works really well I think as it fades from warm to cold, and I think the three of them as a set look quite clever next to each other!

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