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When someone asks me, 'what's your favourite poster you've done', my mind jumps to the projects which have involved buying, photographing, then having to dispose of large amounts of tasty things. Up until now, Three Streets Productions' 100,000 Smarties was the winner, but the joy of being left with twenty packets of smarties has been totally eclipsed by Iris Theatre's Hansel & Gretel. I was so excited when Artistic Director Dan Winder told me just before Christmas that he'd need me to spend the period between Christmas and New Year building a big gingerbread house! I made a template out of card first, as the house was more complicated than an average gingerbread house - this one has a gabled roof, a little extension (the utility room possibly), and had to accommodate torches to light up the windows. There was a grotesque amount of icing involved, and my kitchen looked like a war zone (jelly tots vs chocolate buttons), and I can whole heartedly say it was completely worth it.


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