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Wolfie is a difficult play to describe, which made it a challenge to design a poster for! It's a hugely energetic, magical, gritty piece about twins separated at birth - one is brought up by wolves, and one in goes into the care system. There's a lot of glitter. There's a very 'home made' feel to the play because the girls tell the story themselves, using whatever they can find to create props, scenery and special effects. Because of that, I was keen to have a collage feel to the poster, almost as if the girls could have made it themselves.

Making these visuals involved nearly setting fire to the kitchen (who knew that if you set fire to a piece of card it doesn't just gently burn away at the edges whilst you take photos?!), and covering every available surface in that really fine nail glitter that's impossible to get off... but I think it was worth it!

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